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Welcome to Gold Coast Helicopters

Gold Coast Helicopters is beautiful south-east Queensland's, premier charter and helicopter tour company. We specialise in charter operations, scenic flights, aerial photography and filming, real estate inspections, aerial crane and lifting work as well as providing fantastic winery, picnic and golfing trips. We have a large range of fast, modern, luxurious helicopters in our fleet to cater for your every need.

Gold Coast Helicopters also operate a helicopter training school from its corporate headquarters and hangars at Coolangatta Airport.

Helicopter Flight Specials

There is no quicker and more convenient way to get to and from this years Lexmark Indy 300 attraction. 
As the Official helicopter supplier to Lemark Indy 300, we are now into our second year of being involved
with this fantastic event. Let Gold Coast Helicopters offer a traffic & hassle free experience into the track,
ideal for transferring important clients, time-critical staff and most importantly, the fans.

Click Here for more information on our 2007 Lexmark Indy 300 Helicopter Flight Specials!


Gold Coast Helicopters can arrange any personalised pick up service from the location of your choice. Just contact us on 0468 397 188 for charter and 0468 397 188 for training  to arrange a quote.

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